Yerevan Free Walking Tour

The cuacasian city Yerevan is the capital of Armenia , it starts as a tiny settlement on the banks of river Hrazdan more than 3000 years ago .Our tour starts from the building of Opera House.

An easy way to discover Yerevan is to follow to Abovyan street . The historic path of Yerevan begins at this street, one of the original gateways to the Yerevan's Old town. A few blocks away is Republic Square, a plaza surrounded by museums and other beautiful buildings

As a sun sets , Yerevan's mood shifts again as if lit up by the lanterns of centuries past

At night locals and travellers meet ander the singing fountains of Republic Sqaure to share the day stories and to begin ever more adventure in this historic city , Yerevan


Yerevan walking tour gives you a unique opportunity to feel the warmness and the atmosphere of Yerevan due to our guide as well as to meet locals, make interactions with them, get to know traditions of Armenian people

Walking tour guide will show you cozy cafes, clubs, pubs and other places of entertainment