Tourism in Armenia 

Welcome to Armenia. A country the history of which starts 2300 years ago. The history of the millenniums is perhaps best expressed in the rich culture and architectural monuments scattered across the country. Sometimes tourists visiting Armenia want to walk through the history, but surprisingly discover a country, the capital of which - Yerevan -despite the 2800 years, shines bright with its active life and warmness. And indeed, Armenia is an attractive destination for people interested in all types of tourism directions, whether they are cultural or natural tour lovers, hiking or extreme tourism addicts.



Cultural tourism is one of the world's leading directions. Armenia is not an exception - it’s exclusive culture unites millions of people coming from all over the world.

Unique architecture

Armenian architecture is characterized by the high level of national originality with the beautiful artistic solutions that are typical of people living in the Armenian Highland. Armenian architecture is rich with medieval monasteries with blackened walls which seem to be witnesses of the past.







Geghard Monastery - 4th century

The history of Geghard Monastery dates back to the 4th century. This wonderful structure is dug in rocks and is considered to be one of the masterpieces of Armenian architecture.









 The pagan temple of Garni - 1st century

Armenia is considered the first Christian country in the world. However, even pre-

Christian architecture is preserved here. The pagan temple of Garni - built in 1st century  is the bright legacy of that fact.


Unique Armenian Culture


Cross- stones

Khachkar is literally translated as a cross pictured on the stone. It is one of the best directions of medieval Armenian fine arts



Armenian antique carpets

For many centuries old Armenian carpets have been known all over the world. One of their distinguishing features is the bright color - usually with the red tint - which has been obtained from the famous Armenian cochineal. One of the most important features of distinction is their symbolism, which can also be found in Armenian architecture: cross, eternity symbol and various exquisite animals.



Armenian manuscripts and miniatures

Armenian alphabet  was created in 405. There are thousands of valuable manuscripts which were preserved from the 5th century and are kept in various famous museums in Yerevan. Apart the literature they are usually decorated with the best examples of medieval Armenian miniature paintings.





The 2800 years old  modern city Yerevan

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. It starts as a tiny settlement on the banks of river Hrazdan over 2800 years ago and today is one of the oldest cities in the world. However, Yerevan is also  very modern, warm and  attracts tourists not only with its architecture and culture but with modern cafes, nightlife and other places of entertainment.  
The most famous Ararat Brandy factory is located in Yerevan and is one of the main touristic destinations of this city



Wine-making in Armenia starts 5000 years ago

Armenia has a huge history in winemaking and there is no doubt about it. However, the 5000 year old shoe and wine clay production that were recently found in the caves nearby the village of Areni came to re-prove that wine production in Armenia has a history of thousand years. Well, and the Armenian cognac is one of the most famous ones in the world with its brand of Ararat cognac.


Armenian  cuisine 

They say the closer the place is to the sun, the more delicious harvest is. We think this is the reason why Armenian cuisine is so delicious, as the average height of the country's territory is 1800 meters. Perhaps the most popular dish is Armenian dolma.






Armenian Nature and Extreme Tourism

Armenia is a real present for nature, hiking and extreme tourism lovers. There are so many mountains, forests, deep canyons, lakes which attract everyone. Armenia's highest peak is Mount Aragats, with a height of 4090 meters. There are also 10 more mountains in Armenia above 3500 meters.


                      In addition, modern infrastructure has been built in Armenia in recent years, creating a link between extreme and nature lovers.




Tatever ropeway - The longest reversible cableway in the world (5752 m)

In order to reach the Tatev monastery, which is a 4th century monastery complex in the southern part of Armenia, you can use a 5.7 km long ropeway and fly over the mountains  for 12 minutes.







Tatev Monastery - The pride of medieval Armenian architecture




In this room of Tatev monastery lived  famous Armenian commander Garergin Njdeh during his fights in Syunik region in 1929-1921 





The longest zip line in the world 

A new direction for Zip line fans has been built in recent years in the village of Yenokavan and will soon open the world's longest one.





Lake Sevan

Being at a height of 1,900 meters above sea level, Sevan lake is one of the world's largest drinking water resources. It is also the largest lake in the Caucasus. It has a length of 70 km, 55 km wide, and a maximum depth of 83 meters.






Dilijan - The Armenian Switzerland

Talking about the nature of Armenia and not mentioning about city Dilijan is impossible. The locals call it “Armenian Switzerland” because of its outstanding nature. Besides, Dilijan is also known for its medicinal mineral waters.