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Armenia starts as a tiny settlement under the Caucasian mountains more than 2000 years ago and nowadays it is one of the beautiful corners of the world . Armenia is distinguished with its rich history and cultural heritage, architecture, beautiful nature and of course kind and hospitable people. Maybe this is the reason that Armenian tourism is quite multifaced. There can be held different types of tours in Armenia, such as Cultural tours, Sightseeings tours, City tours, Eco tours, Hiking tours,Ski tours,Native cuisine and wine tours

Quite often the tourists get confused by such a variety of the types of tours.The regions are separated by natural borders in Armenia. Those natural borders are the mountains. Thus, if you want to travel In Armenia you can take the most comfortable tour type for you.

You can discover Armenia by

Daily tours
Tour packages

Before chosing the type of the tour you are given our guidelines down below.

One of the characteristics of Armenia is that it can satisfy not only the interests of classic tour fans but also the people who like eco and walking tours. Hence, we suggest you to follow our guidelines in order to correctly plan your tours.The most important air gateway in Armenia is the Zvartnots airport, which is near the capital of Armenia- Yerevan. Hence, we suggest you to stay in one of the hotels in Yerevan.

Most of the museums of Armenia are concentrated in Yerevan, although Yerevan itself is considered to be a museum under the open air. For discovering the historical and cultural places of the city we can choose one of the classic city tours . The tour itself includes visits to the main museums and places of interests of the city as well as the tourist are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the Armenian cuisine.

If you want to save money and walk around Yerevan you can take part in our free city tours. The program has specially been planned by our company. It gives the tourists a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the history and architecture of Yerevan. Besides a special guide talks and shows some structures during the tour. Thus, you can get acquainted with Yerevan by taking part in such tours as

Classic tour
Free walking tour in Yerevan

Armenia from North to South

As an orientation you can devide your itinerary into two relative parts – north and south, and the tours can be Cultural tours and taking into consideration the geographical and cultural characteristics of Armenia this is the most comfortable way to plan your itinerary. At first we will introduce Armenia from North to South with the help of cultural tours and then with the help of walking tours

Tours to the southern part of Armenia

One of the easiest of to discover Armenia is the highway from the north of the country to the south. One of the classical ways of carrying it out with the help of the cultural tour is the following itinerary:

A Tour to Khor Virap, Noravank and Tatev monastery

The advantage of the tour is that it gives the opportunity to discover 3 of the most attractive Armenian places of interest. One of the stops of the tour is village Areni where we get wine from the Armenian tasteful grapes. The bowls of the wines here date back to 5000AD


A Tour to Khor Virap, Noravank , Jermuk

This tour is a little bit different as the last stop is in one of the most beautiful cities in Armenia. This type of tour is not a classical one. During the tour we discover the places of interest of the city. Besides, the ropeway that has recently been constructed here, will give you the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular scenes of the Armenian mountains.

A two-day Tour to Syunik region

Goris is the heart of Syunik region. The city is usually called the Prague of Armenia, as there are many buildings of red colours and roofs. Not far from Goris there is the oldest place of interest in Armenin, It is Khndzoresk. Many people have lived in the caves that have been preserved here. At the end of the tour you can stop in one of the symbols of Armenia, which is Tatev monastry.

A Tour to Smbataberd and Tsakhats Kar church

As many of the memorial complexes are situated in the south of Armenia , you need to take part in walking tours, as the mountains can be huge obstacles. One the most famous tours is the tour to Smbataberd and Tsakhats Kar church(10th century). Smbataberd is an old protective fortress which has been constructed in the 5th century. You can enjoy both the cultural heriage and the nature of our country. This tour is a real present for the walking tour fans.

A Tour to Artsakh

The next tour that we would like to introduce you is the tour to Artsakh. The distance between the capital of Armenia Yerevan and Stepanakert is 340km. The tour lasts for 3 days and includes visits to the most important cultural destinations of Artsakh.

Thus, if you want to discover the south of Armenia , we suggest you the following tours:

A tour to Khor Virap, Noravank and Tatev monastery,

A tour to Khor Virap, Noravank , Jermuk,

A two-day tour to Syunik region,

A tour to Artsakh.

Garni pagan temple and Geghard monastery are situated to the east of Yerevan. This tour is the most famous one among the tourist who visit Armenia. Garni temple is the oldest pagan structure preserved in Armenia. And Geghard is one of the most spectacular monasteries of Armenia. The advantage of this tour is the less distance from Yerean.

Echmiadzin is situated to the east of the country. By choosing this tour you can learn a lot about the spiritual culture of Armenia .

Thus, if you want to discover the east and the west of the country you can take:

Tour to Echmiadzin
Tour to Garni and Geghard

Tours to the north of Armenia

Discovering the north of Armenia is the most difficult task as there are many cultural monuments spread there. Armenia is distinguished with its geographical conditions. The most spectacular in is Lake Sevan. It admires the fans of extreme tourism as the lake is situated 1900m above sea level . Besides, many cultural monuments are situated near the lake.

The first tour which we offer is the ski center of Armenia Tsaghkadzor, Lake Sevan with its beautiful monastic complexes; Sevanavank Monastery; Noratus Khachkars; Hayrivank Monastery .Choosing this tour you will be able to enjoy the beauty and cultural values of Lake Sevan.

Not far from Lake Sevan is located the Switzerland of Armenia, Dilijan, surrounded by lush forests and ancient monasteries . During our trip to Dilijan we will visit Lake Parz , Goshavank Monastery, and Haghartsin Monastery .

The Lastiver Tour is one of the most intersting tours. This is a beautiful valley in the north-eastern part of Armenia. During the tour one must walk 6 km.

Makaravank is located a few kilometers away from Lastiver . This Monastery is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia and gives opportunity to admire the beautiful nature of Tavush Region.

Tours To Lori Region

One of the other delights of Armenia, Lori, lies to the west of Tavush. The Lori Region is home to various architectural masterpieces. Besides, Lori is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Armenia with its miraculous nature. The wonderful nature of Lori is best described by the Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan. And the people of Lori are distinguished by their simplicity and kindness. The Lori Canyon is scattered across one of the rugged rivers in Armenia, Debed. Tours to Lori are different and include different destinations

Tour to Dsegh, Haghpat, Sanahin

The first stop of the tour is in the birthplace of Hovhannes Tumanyan, one of the most famous Armenian poets, in the village of Dsegh.Haghpat and Sanahin are farther away. With their fantastic architecture, these monasteries has been added in the UNESCO Heritage List.

Tour to Akhtala Monastery, Odzun, Haghpat.

Tour to Stepanavan, Lori Berd and Dendropark

Stepanavan is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Armenia.During the tour, we discover one of the most strategically important structures of ancient Armenia, the Lori fortress, and then beautiful Dendropark Botanical Garden which is famous for rare plants.

City tour in Gyumri

If you are in Armenia, we will advise you to visit the Master Cit, Gyumri. The narrow streets, beautiful and unique architecture, and museums adorn Gyumri. What else do tourists need to feel happy ? Gyumri has always been considered as the cultural capital of Armenia.

Wine and Cuisine Tours

The 5,000-year-old shoe and clay utensils used in wine making have recently been discovered in Armenia's village of Areni . We can say proudly that we are considered one of the oldest countries in the world and have contributed to the art of winemaking. Well, the Armenian Cognac is one of the most famous in the world.

Wine and cuisine tours will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the Armenian character and diligence. They have been transmitted over the centuries and reached us as an integral part of our culture.During our tour we visit the Ararat Brandy Factory and the wine-making center in Areni.

Ski Tours

Recently tourists, and especially the residents of CIS countries, have started to visit Armenia as a ski resort. Well, the city of Tsakhkadzor is considered to be as the main ski resort. This tour gives you the opportunity to engage in a favorite hobby, skiing , and admire the magnificent beauty of the Armenian mountains.



In recent years, Armenia has especially started to attract lovers of adventurous tourism. We suggest you get acquainted with our hiking tours

Tour to Trchkan Waterfall

This is a miracle of nature in the Shirak region. Trchkan is considered the highest waterfall in Armenia. There are 2 options to get to Trchkan: first, by car to the village of Shirakamut; or by off road jeep to the waterfall.

By car to the village of Shirakamut and by foot to the waterfall.

Hiking Tour to Geghama Mountains

We are starting our tour from Geghard Monastery, then via a special view we will admire the Mount Ararat and continue our hiking tour through the beautiful mountains

Tour to Mount Aragats

Aragats is the highest peak of Armenia. So this round of the tour is symbolic for many tourists .We climb to the southernmost peak of Aragats

From the Lake Parz to Lake Gosh

The lakes of Parz and Gosh are the two most beautiful corners of the Tavush Marz. Located in the mountains, surrounded by lush forests, is a true gift for nature lovers.

We offer you to discover these 2 beautiful places in this tour, and admire the beauty of Armenian forests while walking through them.

Tour along Kirants Canyon

Kirants Canyon is located in the Tavush Region. One can admire the medieval Kirants Monastery, which is located here.

Tour to Hell Canyon

This place is located not far from Yerevan and is one of the most favorite places for walking tours. Visiting this place one will understand why this name was given to this Canyon.


Our company offers to visit the Kotayk Region to get acquainted with the daily life of the village of Kakhsi.

Now when you know the main destinations of Armenian tourism, you can choose from our list of tour packages which group of tours you prefer to travel in Armenia , from airport transfer , to hotel reservation, and then to the most popular and beautiful places in Armenia.